• Arcesati Rebecca Arcesati

    Rebecca Arcesati

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  • Azizbaeva Diliaram Azizbaeva

    Diliaram Azizbaeva

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  • Badr Mohammed Badr

    Mohammed Badr

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  • Bao Jullian Bao

    Jullian Bao

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  • Barcellos Thiago Pinagel Bessimo Barcellos

    Thiago Pinagel Bessimo Barcellos

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    Thiago Pinagel Barcellos Bessimo studied Social Sciences at the Federal Fluminense University in Rio de Janeiro, and recently received his International Relations degree from the La Salle University of Rio de Janeiro, in Niterói. During his undergraduate studies, he undertook an exchange program at De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines, and before that, worked as research assistant for a major Brazilian Think-Tank, CEBRI, Brazilian Center for International Relations. As a Yenching Scholar, he is pursuing the Politics and International Relations concentration, as his main interests are understanding China’s relationship with its historical struggles and how it influences today’s politics and international relations in East Asia, especially regarding territorial disputes with its neighbors and conflicting interests in the region.

  • Benincasa Sasha Benincasa

    Sasha Benincasa

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  • Bergen Olivia Bergen

    Olivia Bergen

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  • Bowens Jesse Bowens

    Jesse Bowens

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    Jesse Bowens resides in the United States, California where she currently attends the University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of Business. She transferred to Berkeley Haas as a junior from Las Positas College, where she was the 2014 Student of the Year, and is now a senior of the 2016 graduating class. As a Business Administration major, she has chosen to focus her studies in the area of accounting, with aspirations to become a Certified Public Accountant. She was selected as an Emerging Accounting Scholar and will work full-time for Deloitte & Touche LLP upon completion of school. Following graduation from University, she is entering the Yenching Academy to pursue a Master Degree of Chinese Studies with a concentration in Economics and Management. She is fascinated by the interrelated roles of businesses that comprise an economy and the impact on society from economic regulations. She is particularly interested in learning about business operations within China, as it is an economic giant that also places a societal emphasis on community. As a Scholarships Coordinator for the Berkeley Student Foundation and Cohort Leader for the Haas Cohort Program, Jesse is a community leader who seeks to find an ideal balance between individualism and team-based efforts.

  • Boyce Andrew Boyce

    Andrew Boyce

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    Andrew is an athlete, lawyer, entrepreneur and aspiring policy-maker. He studied politics at the University of California, Berkeley where he was a member of the Division 1 Varsity Water Polo Team.  He also studied law at Cambridge University, where he was awarded a "Blue" - one of the University's most prestigious sporting awards. He was born in New Zealand and grew up in Hong Kong, where he attended the Chinese International School.  Andrew has represented Hong Kong as a swimmer and water polo player, and has played in the Chinese National Games.  He currently lives in London where he is training as a lawyer.  He has previously worked at the World Bank, and co-founded a startup that focuses on using technology to support legal aid and access to justice issues in Southeast Asia.  Andrew hopes to conduct research on Chinese law and society, in particular, by examining the impact of law and policy on development outcomes.

  • Chanda Sudarshana Chanda

    Sudarshana Chanda

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