• Pham Benjamin Pham

    Benjamin Pham

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  • Phraerungrueang Aruth Phraerungrueang

    Aruth Phraerungrueang

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  • Posada Ivel Posada Martínez

    Ivel Posada Martínez

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    Ivel Posada Martínez is a 2014 graduate of Harvard College where he received his BA, Magna Cum Laude, in Social Studies and Philosophy. At Harvard, Ivel was the recipient of four competitive research and public service fellowships, including the Radcliffe Institute’s Pforzheimer Fellowship, the Nicholson Award and Harvard’s Presidential Public Service Fellowship. He has previously served as a member of HAUSCR’s Young Leaders in China program, where he taught a seminar on the institution of judicial review at Renmin University High School in Beijing. His broad academic interests have touched on issues ranging from constitutional law, to education policy, to international relations. Most recently, as a Teach for America corps member, Ivel served as the science department chair for the Henderson Upper School, the first public K-12 inclusion school in the United States. As a Yenching Scholar, he is concentrating in history and archeology and hopes to better understand the nature of Chinese Paleolithic historical narratives.

  • Prasad Ravi Prasad

    Ravi Prasad

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  • Raud Mikk Raud

    Mikk Raud

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  • Reshovsky Zachary Reshovsky

    Zachary Reshovsky

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  • Romer Maximilian Römer

    Maximilian Römer

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  • Sachs Laís Bueno Sachs

    Laís Bueno Sachs

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    Laís Bueno Sachs studied International Relations at the University of Brasília (UnB), Brazil. During her undergraduate course, she undertook an exchange program at Shanghai Fudan University, where she expanded her understanding of Chinese Foreign Policy, BRICS, and the New Development Bank created by this group. She also wrote several analyses about international conjuncture, especially about BRICS, China, Latin America and International Political Economy. Her undergraduate thesis was focused on Automotive Industries in Brazil and in Mexico and their impacts on these domestic economies. During her last semester at UnB, she worked as an intern at the Brazilian Government's Foreign Trade Chamber, where she could participate in the government’s policy making process related to imports and exports. She is particularly interested in Chinese Foreign Policy, Sino-South America Relations, Mercosur (Mercado Común del Sur), Chinese culture, International Negotiation, International Political Economy, and Foreign Trade. Her intended field of studies at the Yenching Academy is International Relations and Foreign Trade.

  • Sadeleer Ewoud De Sadeleer

    Ewoud De Sadeleer

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  • Shehab Shamir Shehab

    Shamir Shehab

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