• Fabbroni Filippo Fabbroni

    Filippo Fabbroni

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  • Finkelstine Emily Marie Finkelstine

    Emily Marie Finkelstine

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  • Friese Johanna-Sophie Anneliese Friese

    Johanna-Sophie Anneliese Friese

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  • Fueugene Eugene Fu

    Eugene Fu

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    Eugene Fu is a final-year undergraduate in Land Economy at Homerton College, University of Cambridge. At the Yenching Academy, he wishes to extend his interdisciplinary education to study the role that legal institutions play in cultivating business-friendly, economically efficient environments. Born in Hong Kong, Eugene is also passionate about learning more about his Chinese heritage: language, culture and society. Eugene is 20, and grew up in Australia, where he studied medical science for a semester at Griffith University before moving to the UK. After graduation, he intends to pursue a career in investment banking in the Asia-Pacific region. He has worked in London, Hong Kong and Brisbane across the financial and governmental sectors.

  • Gafarov Odil Gafarov

    Odil Gafarov

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  • Gaillard Oriane Li-Ming Gaillard

    Oriane Li-Ming Gaillard

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  • Gajan Maurice Ludwig Gajan

    Maurice Ludwig Gajan

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  • Galeevkamil Kamil Galeev

    Kamil Galeev

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  • Galeevoskar Oskar Galeev

    Oskar Galeev

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  • Garcia Angélica Garcia Patiño

    Angélica Garcia Patiño

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    Angélica García Patiño, from Mexico, is a passionate student of language and politics. She studied Communication Sciences with a specialization in Political Communication at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). As an undergraduate, she was part of an exchange program at Beijing Foreign Studies University, where she began learning Chinese. Her experience led her to write her thesis: “Compared Political Communication Models: China and Mexico. In 2015, at The Mexico City Electoral Institute, she was part of a team that worked to enhance citizen education. This project was awarded a prize for the best political communication campaign in Latin America. During her last semester at UNAM, Angélica worked at the Institute of Economic Research in Mexico, researching themes such as trade between Asia and Latin America, and women's financial issues in Latin America. When she was younger, she represented the Mexican delegation in Youth Summits organized by the YMCA in Prague, Czech Republic, and in her spare time she practices figure skating and enjoys theatre. At the Yenching Academy, she will focus on politics and international relations to pursue her goal of a career in her country’s Foreign Service.