• Limengzhen Li Mengzhen

    Li Mengzhen

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  • Lincoln-Hyde Ellan Alethia Lincoln-Hyde

    Ellan Alethia Lincoln-Hyde

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    Ellan Lincoln-Hyde is a multi-disciplined performing artist, published writer/playwright and research musicologist from Australia. Ellan obtained her Bachelor of Music: Bassoon Performance and a Diploma of Modern Languages in Chinese from The University of Melbourne in 2015. The same year, Ellan was softball captain and a member of the Women’s First XIII crew for Newman College, The University of Melbourne. In 2013, she was an exchange student at Fudan University, Shanghai. She also participated in language exchanges to Nanjing, China and Paris, France. In 2016 her Honors year research thesis on the history of social issues and opera in the mid-twentieth century was awarded a High Distinction. She is currently on a research exchange at The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and will complete the requirements for The University of Melbourne’s Master of Musicology in August 2017. Frequently performing as a bassoonist, vocalist and stage actor, Ellan is also an experienced arts administrator and has worked for Opera Australia, the Australian Ballet and the Australian Federal Ministry for the Arts. Being a keen advocate for diplomacy through cultural exchange, in 2012 Ellan founded a charity concert series which raises funds for the Afghan Youth Orchestra, Kabul. At the Yenching Academy Ellan will pursue Literature and Culture as her research area, and aims to explore the history and ongoing impact of China’s relationship with the Western classical tradition.

  • Liseichykava Valeryia Liseichykava

    Valeryia Liseichykava

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  • Liu Jennifer Jia-Hong Liu

    Jennifer Jia-Hong Liu

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  • Liuxingyin Liu Xingyin

    Liu Xingyin

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  • Liuxinyu Liu Xinyu

    Liu Xinyu

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  • Lulu Lu Lu

    Lu Lu

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  • Machado Lívia Machado Costa

    Lívia Machado Costa

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    Raised in the Brazilian Amazon Region, Lívia Machado Costa studied International Relations at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) where, driven by her persistent curiosity, she found herself studying more than the traditional curriculum and frequenting classes of urbanism, gender and sexuality, and photography. Her interest in China flourished when she received a scholarship to study Mandarin at the Communication University of China. While in Beijing, Lívia had a deep understanding about how culturally rich, socially complex, innovative and politically challenging this country is. She traveled to many provinces, from the northern province of Inner Mongolia to the southern province of Yunnan, in the city of Jing Hong. On her return to Brazil, she wrote an undergraduate thesis about Brazil and China’s action in Angola and Mozambique in the 21st Century. As Lívia started connecting the dots, her socio-economic origins, the international position of her country as a developing one with a South voice and her experiences in China, she decided to choose Politics and International Relations as her research area at the Yenching Academy. Her aims are to enhance the cooperation between Brazil and China through education and to be a shaper of her community. Lívia believes that imagination is a key element to change the world.

  • Mandell Blake Alexander Mandell

    Blake Alexander Mandell

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  • Marchese Anthony Marchese

    Anthony Marchese

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