• Ngjunyang Junyang Ng

    Junyang Ng

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  • Noh Minjoo Noh

    Minjoo Noh

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  • Odota Joel Odota

    Joel Odota

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  • Qiangwilliam William Qiang

    William Qiang

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  • Qujennifer Jennifer Qu

    Jennifer Qu

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    Jennifer Wells-Qu graduated in 2014 from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Gender & Sexuality Studies and East Asian Studies. She has conducted research for a reproductive mental health clinic, wrote an HPV policy recommendation for the NYC Health Department, advised underprivileged Chicago residents through Health Leads, and coordinated an international summit in D.C. to end female genital mutilation. Jen currently works at Equality Now, where she advocates for the rights of women and girls around the world. At Yenching Academy, she plans to research the potential for China to use its growing economic investments in Southeast Asia and Africa as leverage to advance human rights, as well as what effective methods for convincing Chinese businesses to do so.

  • Reilly Jessica Reilly

    Jessica Reilly

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  • Reilsebastian Sebastian Johannes Reil

    Sebastian Johannes Reil

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  • Riseley James Ellison Riseley

    James Ellison Riseley

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  • Romeo Dominic Joseph Romeo

    Dominic Joseph Romeo

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  • Romero SáNchez-Herrero Teresa Romero Sánchez-Herrero

    Teresa Romero Sánchez-Herrero

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    Teresa Romero Sánchez-Herrero, from Spain, is a Fine Arts graduate from the University Complutense of Madrid. After her graduation in 2014 she worked for over two years at Veremonte, an investment company based in London whose aim is to create and promote sustainability projects around the globe. In her role as Head of Communications and Image Teresa participated in the enterprise FIA Formula E Championship and in the development of QEV, both projects dedicated to the promotion of electric vehicles on a worldwide scale with a special focus on China. During this time, she pursued higher studies in Professional Photography, and in Business Management through the British Open University. Having received a bilingual education in English and Spanish, Teresa is an avid language learner, proficient in French and currently studying Mandarin Chinese, including a short-term course at the Shanghai International Studies University in 2016. She is also passionate about social justice, and particularly about sustainability, gender issues, and the development of education. As a voluntary worker for the Spanish Association Against Cancer Teresa has carried out many didactic initiatives, most notably an English language learning program for adults in need of labor insertion, and an equivalent one for children. At the Yenching Academy she plans to explore the economic, social and artistic aspects of the Chinese culture while pursuing Economics and Management as her research area, with the aim of contributing to communication and understanding in the business relations between China and the West.