Yenching Global Symposium

The Academy’s flagship event, the Yenching Global Symposium, is already one of the most selective conferences held in China and quickly becoming one of the world's most competitive and highly anticipated conferences. The 2016 Symposium, with an acceptance rate of 3 percent, received more than 1800 applications from over 130 countries with representation from Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Gates Cambridge Scholars, Fulbright Scholars and other major fellowships and leading institutions.


This year, the Symposium received more than 2200 applications and selected approximately 75 students and young professionals from 30 countries to participate in the event as delegates. Hosted on the Peking University campus from March 23-26, 2017, the second annual symposium, with the theme of “Xinnovation: Identity of Innovation in China", was a four-day event consisting of multidisciplinary lectures, panel discussions, site visits, interactive sessions, and XIN World Innovation Fair on Chinese innovation.    It featured prominent Chinese and international scholars as well as leading professionals who have challenged and expanded previously held conceptions about innovation in China. Applications for the 2017 Yenching Global Symposium have closed in December 2016. For more information about the 2016 and 2017 Yenching Global Symposium, and future Symposia, please follow us on social media or visit our website: