• Miyazaki Kazuki Miyazaki

    Kazuki Miyazaki

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    Born and raised in Japan, Kazuki Miyazaki graduated from Waseda University, Japan with B.A. in Social Sciences and minor in Peace Studies. During his time at the university, Kazuki studied abroad in the US and China. Besides his academic experiences, he has worked as an international election observer for Sri Lanka’s parliamentary election in 2015 through an NGO where he also assisted in election-related projects in Thailand and Myanmar. Back in Tokyo, he interned at UNDP where he contributed to public relations and public-private partnership. Kazuki loves to do what he calls ‘journalistic traveling’ in which he backpacked across dozens of countries to experience and learn about the various realities of the world. This made him particularly passionate about global affairs and working to solve them. With this aspiration to foster more stable and peaceful relations in Asia, Kazuki chooses to focus on Politics and International Relations at the Yenching Academy.

  • Sone Risa Sone

    Risa Sone

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    Risa Sone was born in Hong Kong and spent her childhood in China (Beijing and Hong Kong), Thailand and Japan, and prior to Yenching, resided in Tokyo. Her experience of seeing the tensions between Japan and China during her formative years gave her a great interest in the Sino-Japanese Relations as well as the motivation to improve them as her life’s mission. Risa graduated in June 2018 from International Christian University with a B.A. in International Relations. Her senior thesis explored national identity in Japan and China and its impact on the bilateral relations today. During her time as an undergraduate, she was passionate in engaging in intercultural exchange activities between the Northeast Asian nations. She also studied abroad (2016-2017) as an exchange student at SOAS, University of London. At Yenching Academy, she intends to develop her knowledge of Chinese diplomacy through its interdisciplinary courses.