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    Sam Khabir

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    Sam Khabir is trained in architecture, urban design and spatial planning. He graduated with distinction with a European Postgraduate Masters in Urbanism (KU Leuven, IUAV Venezia, TU Delft and UPC Barcelona) in 2013. His research interests are mainly grounded in the economic, social and spatial dynamics of urbanization in East & South-East Asia with a particular focus on the Chinese context. He has spent a significant amount of time in various regions of China since 2012, understanding the ground realities of urban development in the country. In his master’s thesis, Sam addressed the profound challenges to the sustainable development of Southeast Asian cities in the 21st century, and through a research-by-design approach, proposed resilient urbanism as an alternative to the current trends. As a designer and planner, he has been involved in a number of urban projects and acquired extensive experience in different contexts through international urban design studios and workshops across North America, Europe and East Asia. He completed his second Master’s in International Business, Economics and Management at KU Leuven (Belgium), before joining the Yenching Academy in September 2016. Also an international delegate to the inaugural Yenching Global Symposium, Sam is looking forward to returning to the Academy to further explore the consumption cultures of contemporary urban spaces in modern China and to continue his studies at the Ph.D. level.