• Galeevkamil Kamil Galeev

    Kamil Galeev

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  • Galeevoskar Oskar Galeev

    Oskar Galeev

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  • Kimanastasia Anastasia Kim

    Anastasia Kim

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  • Matros Anastasiia Matros

    Anastasiia Matros

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    Anastasiia Matros graduated with distinction from St. Petersburg State University in 2016. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree in BRICS Studies at St. Petersburg State University. She was an exchange student at Peking University during the 2015 and 2017 spring semesters. She has interned at the Governor’s office in the Leningrad Region Government, and at the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg. She was actively involved in volunteer work at the G-20 Summit in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and V St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. Anastasiia is interested in multifaceted research on China’s internal and external policies, and in examining China’s information security and activities in international information space. Anastasiia’s Bachelor’s thesis was titled “China in the Global Information Space: Foreign Policy Aspect.” She will pursue the Politics and International Relations research area at the Yenching Academy. Her hobbies include intellectual games such as the popular Russian “What? Where? When?”