• Chen Luo Alicia Chen

    Alicia Chen

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  • Losada Perez Gabriel Losada Pérez

    Gabriel Losada Pérez

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  • Rodriguez Alabarce Alicia Rodríguez Alabarce

    Alicia Rodríguez Alabarce

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    Alicia Rodríguez Alabarce is a Spanish student who graduated from the University of Granada with a degree in Translation and Interpretation. At the early age of 19, she received the opportunity to pursue a course on Translation for Publishers and Linguistic Correction by the International University Menéndez Pelayo. This opportunity introduced her into the professional environment of translation and interpretation, which she has the pleasure of sharing with experienced translators and linguists. She received an Erasmus+ grant to study at Newcastle University, which helped her broaden her knowledge on cultural studies and translation concerning her four working languages, namely Spanish, English, Chinese and French. The fact that she is a highly demanding and dilligent person is proven due to her commitment to combine both studying and working as a Chinese and English teacher at the Spanish company C.L. Granada. However, her real passion is Chinese culture and literature. This is what drove her to translate some of the popular tales of Liao Zhai by Pu Songling into Spanish as her dissertation. Since she stumbled upon the Classics of the Chinese literature, she has been determined to devote her future research to the development of the Chinese literature. By focusing on Literature and Culture throughout her academic experience at Yenching Academy, she aims to spread the distinctive Chinese literature among the Spanish speaking audience.