• Jili Bulelani Jili

    Bulelani Jili

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    Bulelani Jili is a graduate of Wesleyan University, where he studied philosophy, history, government, and economics. He was a Pfeiffer Scholar, receiving a full scholarship awarded to one student based on academic excellence and leadership achievement. While at Wesleyan, he conducted research on post-apartheid education reform, democratic theory, political action, and political sociology. His honors thesis was particularly concerned with examining the structural features in democracy and American history that perpetuate inequality; moreover, it aimed at demonstrating the need for a civically inclined citizenry. Bulelani is also the founder of Middletown Potluck, an organization that was created in order to provide a platform for community members to break bread, converse, and establish partnerships to pursue social justice in the wider Middletown community. The Yenching Academy is an opportunity to help him serve South Africa and the world better. The opportunity to be in China with the Yenching Academy will greatly add to his understanding of politics and its ills, and essentially add to his ability to craft concrete public policy solutions, especially for a geopolitical landscape that is shifting towards China. He hopes to continue to apply his social science acumen to assess issues pertaining to governance and educational policies in China and South Africa.

  • Kariuki Harriet Kariuki

    Harriet Kariuki

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    Santana Muthoni

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