• Barcellos Thiago Pinagel Bessimo Barcellos

    Thiago Pinagel Bessimo Barcellos

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    Thiago Pinagel Barcellos Bessimo studied Social Sciences at the Federal Fluminense University in Rio de Janeiro, and recently received his International Relations degree from the La Salle University of Rio de Janeiro, in Niterói. During his undergraduate studies, he undertook an exchange program at De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines, and before that, worked as research assistant for a major Brazilian Think-Tank, CEBRI, Brazilian Center for International Relations. As a Yenching Scholar, he is pursuing the Politics and International Relations concentration, as his main interests are understanding China’s relationship with its historical struggles and how it influences today’s politics and international relations in East Asia, especially regarding territorial disputes with its neighbors and conflicting interests in the region.

  • Duarte Bruno Kern Duarte

    Bruno Kern Duarte

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    Bruno Kern Duarte studied International Relations at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil, graduating with a thesis on the Chinese Political System. Bruno worked at the Center for International Studies on Government, in the area of International Security, where he researched Chinese foreign and security policies. During his undergraduate career, he received a scholarship to study Mandarin for a calendar year at the Communication University of China. He then spent time living in Beijing while finishing research for his Master’s in International Strategic Studies at UFRGS. His thesis was about the political challenges of the Chinese economic transition. At the Yenching Academy, Bruno will focus his studies on the political aspects of Chinese economic development.

  • Grizia Agustin Grizia

    Agustin Grizia

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    Agustin Grizia received his Bachelor in International Relations degree at Universidad del Salvador. He is twenty-two years old and is passionate about Chinese history, politics and international relations. Since his studies have been specially focused on East Asia, this last year he started working in a research group about Asia in the Social Sciences Research Institute (IDICSO). As a member of the second cohort of the Yenching Academy of Peking University, Agustin will learn about China and its role in international politics in preparation for a career in the Diplomatic Service of Argentina.

  • Martín Lucila San Martín

    Lucila San Martín

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    Lucila San Martín wants the world to get along better. That's why at the age of 16 she started volunteering for the Anne Frank House, an institution that promotes intercultural and interreligious dialogue and non-violence. To further this calling, she studied Communications at Universidad de San Andrés in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and studied abroad as a Presidential Scholar on Semester at Sea, a ship-based program that takes students through Asia and Africa while taking relevant classes. She's an alumni of Global Changemakers and the G(irls)20 Summit. Her topic of undergraduate research is the role humor and joking play in communication. She hopes Yenching Academy will give her the tools to become an effective ally in mediating cross-cultural relations.

  • Sachs Laís Bueno Sachs

    Laís Bueno Sachs

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    Laís Bueno Sachs studied International Relations at the University of Brasília (UnB), Brazil. During her undergraduate course, she undertook an exchange program at Shanghai Fudan University, where she expanded her understanding of Chinese Foreign Policy, BRICS, and the New Development Bank created by this group. She also wrote several analyses about international conjuncture, especially about BRICS, China, Latin America and International Political Economy. Her undergraduate thesis was focused on Automotive Industries in Brazil and in Mexico and their impacts on these domestic economies. During her last semester at UnB, she worked as an intern at the Brazilian Government's Foreign Trade Chamber, where she could participate in the government’s policy making process related to imports and exports. She is particularly interested in Chinese Foreign Policy, Sino-South America Relations, Mercosur (Mercado Común del Sur), Chinese culture, International Negotiation, International Political Economy, and Foreign Trade. Her intended field of studies at the Yenching Academy is International Relations and Foreign Trade.