Country: Germany
Ricarda Brosch
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Ricarda Brosch graduated from the Art History Department of Freie Universit?t Berlin in 2015. She studied East Asian Art History as a major and China Studies as a minor and wrote her thesis on a 17th century handscroll of the Qing-dynasty artist Fan Qi 樊圻 - one of the 'Eight Masters of Jinling' (金陵八家). Besides her research on traditional Chinese landscape painting, Ricarda became involved in provenance research, studying and analyzing archival sources in order to establish former Jewish owners of art works - a major political objective of the German government. She has gained work experience in various galleries and museums of Asian Art and was awarded a scholarship to PKU in 2013 for one semester of Chinese language study. While at the Yenching Academy Ricarda enjoyed deepening her understanding of Chinese art and culture and improving her Chinese language skills.