2017 Yenching Global Symposium Coming Soon

The 2017 Yenching Global SymposiumYGS, themed “Xinnovation: Identity of Innovation in China,” will be held on Peking University campus from March 23 to 26. The Academy’s flagship event, the Yenching Global Symposium, is already one of the most selective conferences held in China led by young talented students for young graduates and professionals all over the world, and quickly becoming one of the most competitive and highly anticipated conferences in the world. 

This year, the symposium received over 2,200 applications, with an acceptance rate of approximately 3%.The 75 delegates selected this year hail from 30 countries, speak 35 languages, and include representation from Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Gates-Cambridge Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, and other major fellowships and leading institutions. The 2017 YGS Delegation, including the Yenching Scholars, represent 54 countries around the globe. These delegates will convene in Beijing on March 23 to participate in this year’s symposium on Chinese innovation.


Distinguished entrepreneurs, leaders, academics, and artists from various sectors who are leading innovation in their respective fields will take part in the Yenching Global Symposium. They will engage in keynote speeches, simulations, and other interactive sessions to discuss the identity and future landscape of innovation in China.

On Saturday, March 25, the Symposium will host the “XIN World Innovation Fair,” an opportunity for startups,businesses, and social impact groups currently in Beijing to showcase the latest in Chinese technology as well as China's innovative approaches to sustainability—in environmental, health, culture, or other forms of social impact—to hundreds of participating delegates and Peking University students at the university's new Global Center for Innovationand Entrepreneurship. XIN World Innovation Fair will bring the brightest students from China and around the world to experience high-tech equipment and interact with leaders in Chinese innovation.


For over a century, Peking University has been the foremost domestic academic setting for understanding China. The 2017 Yenching Global Symposium will be a continuation of the University’s mission to be the foremost setting for scholars and students from around the world to understand China and the identity of Chinese innovation. 

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