CGTN interviews Yenching Scholars on Belt & Road Initiative

Recently, two Yenching Scholars, Nishat Kazmi (Pakistan, Maastricht University) and Yagmur Ersan (Turkey, Middle East Technical University) were interviewed by CGTN to talk about their reflections on the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. 

Original news: On Campus: Foreign students' dreams for China's future .... and their own

By Nadim Diab

With China’s Two Sessions in full swing, CGTN stopped by university campuses in Beijing to ask four students from “One Belt, One Road” countries two simple questions: What can China do for your future? And what do you want to do for China?

Nishat Kazmi, Yenching Scholar of Peking University, from Pakistan


What can China do for your future?

Understanding China now is more important than any other time in history – and being a Yenching Scholar at Peking University has been an excellent opportunity to get insight into this amazing country - its history, rich culture and pathway to development. The experience gained in China and knowledge of Chinese world view would be extremely valuable in my future career in international development.  

What do you want to do for China?

I want to raise awareness about the Belt and Road Initiative, which has the potential to become the most important development project of the 21st century and will contribute to long-term growth in Asia, Africa and Europe. As a Pakistani,I would also like to play my role as a citizen to further promote China-Pakistan relations.

Yagmur Ersan, Yenching Scholar of Peking University, from Turkey


What can China do for your future?

I think our century’s challenge is in security. For my future, as one of the biggest powers in the world, China can take a more active role in the global system to provide a more secure and peaceful world. In this regard, the "One Belt, One Road" initiative is a crucial opportunity for all countries to increase their economic, political and social cooperation and thus eliminate their conflicts. 

What do you want to do for China?

I am going to be an academic in the future, so I primarily want to strengthen China and Turkey’s educational cooperation. As two developing countries, we share many areas on which we can cooperate. Thus, I will encourage my colleagues and students to come to China and also try to strengthen the institutional cooperation between both countries to facilitate the exchange of people and information. 

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