Yenching Cougarz Girls Soccer Team Won the PKU Cup Five-on-Five Soccer Competition

The Yenching Cougarz Girls Soccer Team, on June 3rd, 2017 successfully defeated the team of School of Chinese as a Second Language, Guanghua School of Management and School of International Studies with a score of 4-0 for the Five-on-Five PKU Cup Soccer Game. The Yenching Cougarz team consists of girls from the United States, Brazil, Chile, China, Finland, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago, France, Ireland, Singapore, Belgium, India, and Argentina. They are: Jesse Bowens, Alexandra Gray, Magdalena Gonzalez, Harriet Kariuki, Tuulia Koivistoinen, Alix Lewis, Lin Dan, Cibele Reschke, Layne Vandenberg, Sudarshana Chanda, Diana Chang, Sarah Finn, Claire Groden, Gabrielle de Haan, Joanna De Smedt, Alicia Tee, Lucila San Martín, and coach Ewoud De Sadeleer.



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