The Third Cohort Yenching Scholars Welcome Reception

Their new life in China has officially started!

On September 3, 2017, Yenching Academy held a welcome reception for the third cohort Yenching scholars at the Second Gymnasium on the Peking University campus. This year, Yenching Academy is welcoming 121 new Scholars from 44 countries.





The reception was hosted by the Associate Dean of the Yenching Academy, John Holden. He warmly welcomed the new cohort of Yenching Scholars. He shared with them his journey to China over 30 years ago, and spoke of the massive changes in China he’s witnessed over that period. Situated in such a highly cosmopolitan environment, he encouraged students to make friends and build bridges with people from all over the world. He shared his hopes with the new students that their Yenching experience will deepen their understanding to China and China’s role in the world.


Following Dean Holden’s welcome, Professor Yuan Ming, Dean of Yenching Academy, gave her welcome remarks. She expressed her belief in the third cohort that they “will make great things happen”. She emphasized the importance of language study, using the Cody Abbey ’17 and his dedication to his language studies, which cumulated to his 2017 commencement address to the 3,000 PKU graduate students as an example of the importance of learning Chinese. With that final story of encouragement, Dean Yuan Ming wished the students good fortune, and good luck!






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