Residential Life

Yenching Scholars reside in newly renovated single rooms in the Shaoyuan #6 international student complex, located at the heart of the Peking University campus. In addition to common rooms and a dedicated library, Scholars have access to a wide array of amenities in the immediate vicinity. Moreover, their residence is situated less than three minutes' walk from the Academy's academic and administrative facilities.

The collegiate living experience is a defining feature of the residential life of Yenching Scholars and plays a crucial role in their development by fostering a sense of community and facilitating the exchange of ideas. Scholars benefit from the administrative and pastoral support of residential advisors. In addition, the Academy is committed to enriching the extracurricular lives of its Scholars by providing financial support for student-led initiatives.



Every week Yenching Scholars take full advantage of Peking University's Olympic facilities to play badminton.

News Discussion Group

A group of Yenching Scholars gather each week to debate important issues in the news amongst themselves and with their fellow Peking University graduate and undergraduate students.

Pub Quiz

More than 25 Scholars have already taken it in turn to write for our pub quiz, which runs every weekend.

Tea Social

Every Friday morning Scholars get together to chat, sample different teas, and take on some much needed caffeine before class!

The Greedy Tongues

The Yenching Academy language club "The Greedy Tongues" seeks to promote multi-lingualism and valorize diverse cultural backgrounds through a series of lectures and social events.

Yoga Classes

More than half of the inaugural cohort has participated in this student-led initiative, which has attracted a loyal following among the Scholars. 

Yenching Community Action

The club supports Yenching Scholars and Peking University students wishing to participate in civic engagement initiatives.

Yenching Review

Over 40 Scholars contributed to the first edition of this student-led publication, which profiles the life of the Academy and the achievements of its Scholars.

YCA Film Club

YCA Film Club seeks to foster appreciation and discussion of world cinema across a wide variety of genres and styles.The Film Club is open to all Yenching Scholars and to members of the Peking University Community at large.

Yenching Tigers

The Yenching Tigers mixed soccer team represents the spirit and tenacity of the Yenching Academy in the Peking University Cup.

Yenching International Art Association

The purpose of the club is to promote traditional Chinese culture by running Chinese painting and calligraphy workshops and by organizing visits to art exhibitions.